Tiny Lungs book recommended on The High Low finale

It was a huge honour to be featured in the recommendations on the finale of The High Low yesterday. Listening to the gorgeous review and to Pandora reading both ‘Hiraeth’ and ‘Kernel’ was really very special.

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Here is the extract:

Pandora Sykes: “I also wanted to recommend the most gorgeous sylph-like book that I just bought a bunch of copies of for friends for Christmas, it’s called ‘Tiny Lungs’ by Joanna Bennett and they are poems about new motherhood but also just everyday moments of life and the ups and downs of that life. There are a few I wanted to read to you Doll that I thought you’d particularly enjoy. They are just really simple and lovely poems.
This one’s called Hiraeth”
Pandora Sykes reads Hiraeth
Dolly Aldteron: “Ah that will be very resonant for lots of people I think.”
Pandora Sykes: “Here’s another one written when she was pregnant”
Pandora Sykes reads Kernel
Dolly Alderton: “That’s so lovely and also that is such a lovely idea for a present for an expectant mother.”
Pandora Sykes: “It’s really lovely”

Beautiful cult poetry exploring motherhood, identity, self and grief.

The poems mean a lot to me and it was lovely to hear them over the airwaves. I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to both Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton for having ‘Tiny Lungs’ on there, and to all those who have been in touch subsequently with messages and to those who have bought the book. It’s no understatement to say being included has had quite an impact and I’ve been thrilled by the support for the book. Pandora and Dolly are extremely supportive of others, particularly championing the work of other women – things like that go a long long way, they really pay it forward. Pandora bought copies of the book for herself, which she didn’t have to do, and for others, which I think was just brilliant. I’m really grateful to them both for the support and I can’t wait to hear what their next adventures will be. If you haven’t listened yet, it’s hilarious and nostalgic and wonderful 💜💜💜

You can buy the book here, thank you x

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Title Tiny Lungs
Author Joanna Bennett
Edition illustrated
Publisher The Whole Gang Press, 2020
ISBN 1715809513, 9781715809515
Length 72 pages