Poem collaboration for Great Ormond Street Hospital

I’m immensely proud to be a part of this and to share this poem I have written for a collaborative project with @sarahdennisillustration for @greatormondst – this part released today for #nationalpoetryday ?

RepostBy @greatormondst: “Commissioned by @gosh_arts, @sarahdennisillustration and poet @tatterhood_ collaborated to create a set of resources to prepare children for surgery at GOSH. The set includes this illustrated poem which takes children though their journey to surgery and includes experiences they’ll have and characters they might meet when they come to the hospital…

Tip tap at the window,
“It’s time to go!
Here comes the sun,
let’s say hello!”

The deepest bow,
a wing unfurls,
a cape of rainbow colour swirls.

“Grab the bag,
the shoes on your feet.
We’ll make a path,
to Great Ormond Street!”

Into the bright,
he soars and swishes.
The voice on the leaves,
sings “Follow the fishes”.

To my right the warmest smile,
my trusted guides, in single file.
We float, we fly, we rise, we sweep,
moving toward our hospital sleep.

They check my pulse and count the beats,
we rise above the city streets.
They chart my height and on we ride,
my newest friends right by my side.

We twist and turn to his narration,
dancing toward our destination.
they hand me a gown of colour bright,
I slip it on with pure delight.

And joining now the horses run,
the frogs, the deer, the hedgehogs come.
Woodpecker keeps his conductor’s beat,
while a lullaby sounds in the woodland heat.

Into the clearing we lay on our backs,
tracing lunar paths and starlight tracks.
The frogs in the water splash and tumble,
playing and laughing our tummies rumble.

We mirror the fish at our woodland stop,
making bubbles rise and then bubbles pop.
We dip our hands in the bluest pool,
Four, three, two, one feel the digits cool.

The sounds around us calm and slow,
the heart of the clearing a warming glow.

It’s time to pause, a rest is planned,
the colours and dreams in the palm of my hand.