Celebrating is positive. Celebrating is easy.

So life’s pretty amazing most of the time, but as we’ve seen nationally and globally of late (and on occasion personally) sometimes it’s also a bit of an arsehole.

I saw on instagram earlier that some people had posted some very wide of the mark pointlessly negative comments on the frankly amazing Molly Gunn’s @selfishmother feed.

This really pissed me off. We’ve got enough shit to deal with without attacking one another for completely irrelevant reasons. Being a mother is ridiculously hard. Breastfeeding is hard. Bottlefeeding is hard. Celebrating is positive. Celebrating is easy.

Let’s bloody celebrate all the incredible mothers working their asses off to make it through the day whichever, whatever and however they choose to raise their beautiful children and however they feed.

You’re all amazing! Unless you’re trolling, and then, well just STOP IT ??✌️??

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Stop The World

Stop The World. A poem I wrote.

This is for the woman in Sainsbury’s. Thank you. She broke the whirr and calmed us down, she softly spoke and packed our bags. And this is for the lady who stopped to help us with our trolley. Thank you too. Thank you for all sorts of things xxx

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20 Things About Me

A bit of background about me and the things I care and thus then write about. I shared this on Instagram recently as part of the 20 things about me series. Oh and ps there are 18 as I ran out of space and couldn’t be bothered to cut it ?


1. I was once arrested and held in the cells over night for graffiti.
2. I used to sing and write songs in two bands, which I miss.
3. I was working in a job at an advertising agency in London when I came to see a band in Bristol in 2002. I moved here in 2003 to do an MA in Interactive Media and have never left.
4. I was in a relationship for 12 years and my partner was unfaithful. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I met the love of my life soon after.
5. I once won a wet t shirt competition. The feminist in me asked me not to add this in.
6. I work three days a week as a Website Manager which involves, amongst other things, copy editing, coding, user experience and user journey design.
7. I am related to the artist Turner.
8. When I was in year 9 I painted a picture of a
vicar kissing a policeman, pretty subversive ?
9. My friends have held me up figuratively and literally on many occasions and I am fiercely loyal to them.
10. I am hugely emotional, I nearly cried at the opening scene to Old Jack’s Boat on Cbeebies yesterday. And that’s one of the shittest shows out there.
11. I am flawed and I make mistakes. But I will always hold my hands up to them and I will always try to make amends as best I can.
12. I try not to take myself or life too seriously, things are pretty ridiculous most of the time. There really is a joke in everything somewhere, some things just need a little more breathing space before it’s time to smile.
13. I believe strongly in fairness and equality but I am sometimes too black and white about things.
14. I have a Coca Cola problem which my mother is extremely upset about currently (sorry mum I am working on this).
15. I adore my family and I will always be thankful for the joyful and happy childhood my parents gave my sister and I.
16. I love to write, I find it quite cathartic. I find it easiest to write when something is troubling me but if I lose myself too much I find it hard to write.
17. I am too oversensitive and can sometimes over react. I’m sure my boyfriend and parents would of course strongly disagree with this ??
18. My glass is definitely half full. But go on then top me up. Heineken please.


There’s more than one way to listen…

There’s more than one way to listen…
It’s Deaf Awareness Week, something we strongly support as a family. We, our families and our friends have been touched by or experience extensively on a daily basis deafness, tinnitus or hearing loss. I’m going to focus on continuing to learn how to be deaf aware, particularly in how I communicate. There’s loads of great information over on the @actiononhearingloss twitter and Instagram feeds to find out how to be more deaf aware and see how small changes can make a huge difference. #deafawarenessweek

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The Horrors – Mental Health Awareness Week

The Horrors – anxiety, worry, stress, pnd, whichever and whatever form Mental Health pressures take – can turn up at any time. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week which I think is a good time to sense check our own wellbeing and that of those in our circle. It’s often difficult to ask for help and it is sometimes hard to start a conversation, but it is good to open up if you can and things often feel great afterwards. Maybe just getting outside, sending a text, making a call, writing a message, letting someone know they’re in your thoughts can make a real difference. Wishing you a positive day ???#mentalhealthawarenessweek

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Cinderella Friday Nights – Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s day 5 of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week and today’s focus is on recovery. I began writing when Arthur was 15 months and I wish I had started soon. I find it a really reflective and cathartic process. It’s sometimes hard to see things clearly when you’re so close to an issue and in the heart of a vortex. Writing allows me, and whatever I’m grappling with, space to breathe. Seen from a different angle and a different perspective it usually becomes way more manageable and a lot less daunting. I would recommend getting writing, in whatever capacity you find enjoyable, to anyone at any age and at any point in life ???

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Little Shadow Hands – a poem for children

Little Shadow Hands. A poem I wrote for children.

I’ve been working on a collection of children’s poems. I used to absolutely love reading as a child and I delighted in the poems I was introduced to. Poetry is such an exciting way to discover language, to play with words and to see how they interconnect and flow together, to revel in watching and taking part in reading aloud and performance. I wrote these first ones for the children I know, from my own childhood adventures and from the things the little ones I know have been talking of and their adventures. They gave me the ideas for them and I would like them to be shared with all those discovering language and having fun listening, trying out and playing with words however or in whichever form that make be – reading aloud, with makaton and signing, being read to, making marks or playing and performing. Please do share these with your young ones here there and everywhere! ?☀️???

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