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It’s the final day of the Tiny Lungs book read through. I didn’t consider at the time of launching what a lovely routine this would be for me over the 2nd lockdown. It’s been a real pleasure revisiting each poem and reading them through. I’ve had some wonderful messages from people who have joined me for the readings, thank you 💘 The book is available via the shop link in my bio. It’s a lo-fi, black and white, 5×8 inch book. And all the illustrations are by Arthur Morgan, age 5 years.

The poems take in the inhalations and exhalations of the last few years in my life, my oxygen, my carbon dioxide. The unexpected things, the different narratives, the dark rooms, the light rooms, the joy of the everyday, the loss of dear family members, the incredible children, the changing political landscapes, the giving birth and raising of children in a pandemic, the yearning for the loved ones we are desperate to see and the deep love, kindness and laughter I have gratitude for.

Breathe in, breathe out. Tiny precious lungs 💜

Buy Tiny Lungs from the shop x

Watch the read throughs on my instagram stories x

Beautiful cult poetry exploring motherhood, identity, self and grief.

Hiraeth. Tiny Lungs.

It’s getting near that time of day. But tonight I’m excited. There must be something the air today. I’ve been in contact with three people who I just love and haven’t spoken with in ages. And it’s been absolute magic. You can’t put a price on human contact, on communication, on the sound of a voice. So tonight I am excited. I can’t wait to hear and see all these special, beloved voices and faces again. It will be wonderful!

“Somewhere soon, eyes closed, maybe.”

Inhalations / Exhalations. Tiny Lungs.

The poems in Tiny Lungs are split into two sections, the inhalations and the exhalations. The thoughts, feelings and situations that may cause lower mood or disquiet and those that alternately lead to a long release of breath, a drop of the shoulders, happiness and joy, a laugh out loud. The inhalations and exhalations completely intertwine, joy and happiness still sit with the harder times in the day to day. These are a collection of some of the poems I have written over the last few years, my favourites. The ones that express simply my inhalations and exhalations. The ones I have lived, the ones I have breathed. I hope you enjoy them…

Beautiful cult poetry exploring motherhood, identity, self and grief.

New book Tiny Lungs. Joanna Bennett. 28 poems /

Beautiful cult poetry exploring motherhood, identity, self and grief.

Marketing 101: Choose a quiet news day to launch a new book. I’m so happy to have a snap with this, Tiny Lungs. The inhalations and exhalations of the last few years. Breathe in, breathe out. Tiny precious lungs ?

Tiny Lungs

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Title Tiny Lungs
Author Joanna Bennett
Edition illustrated
Publisher The Whole Gang Press, 2020
ISBN 1715809513, 9781715809515
Length 72 pages

5.15am poem featured in Juno Magazine February 2018

I am delighted to have ‘5.15am’, a poem from ‘Swimming Underwater’ in the latest issue of @junomagazine – thanks for having me! It’s really apt that it’s landed on our doormat today. I started writing when I found things a bit difficult, I started a conversation with words, with pen and paper, with myself and with others. It is ongoing and I am so happy that I did ?#timetotalk #oktosay

Juno magazine – promoting a natural approach to family life, conscious parenting, sustainability, non-violence, spiritual awareness and creativity – is available across the UK in branches of WH Smith’s and independent health food and family stores.

Pregnant Then Screwed Live – The UK Festival Of Motherhood and Work

Manchester I am coming for you! I am so hyped and honoured beyond belief to be joining the cast of speakers in May at Pregnant Then Screwed Live – The UK Festival of Motherhood and Work created and curated by the incredibly inspiring Joeli, the wonderful woman behind @pregnant_then_screwed (the movement to end pregnancy / maternity discrimination). I am genuinely in awe of what she does, what she has done thus far and where she is going. Starting essential and challenging conversations and literally helping to change things for the better for all of us. I can’t wait for the event, if you’re coming please do give me a shout, there are so many people I can’t wait to meet. I’ll be reading some of my poems. Thank you Joeli for having me. See you all there! ?

364 days of Tatterhood

I wrote and posted my first poem and started @tatterhood_ 364 days ago. Things I would never have imagined and people I would never have met have crossed my path and the last year has been such a bloody brilliant adventure. Thanks to all who have read, bought, listened and supported. It’s been quite the ride. I am a huge fan of giving things a go to see what might happen and of generally making it up as you go. I think I’m going to keep that all up. It’s sometimes easy to write off women, to write off pregnant women, to write off mothers, to write off women over 40. To those who would do so I would say better be careful with all that, we’ve only just started ?✌️??❤️


Pregnancy and Babyloss Awareness Week starts today. As with so many things it can be really bloody hard to talk about this, whether it is something you are experiencing yourself or someone that you care for. Sometimes too much crying can happen alone in dark rooms and too much sadness felt in isolation. This really is a subject to talk about together ?

We will make it so ?

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