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It’s National Writing Day today.

I began writing poems in January 2017. We went through a period of extremely disordered sleep and I began to sort of lose my way a little bit. I struggled with the lack of sleep in the early hours and in the dark as I held my beautiful boy. I started to feel a bit disconnected and questioned whether I was doing ok as a mother and well just in general.

I made a choice to try to claim that time and look upon those quiet early hours as ours, to see them positively, as a quiet time to reflect and to just try to be in the moment. I began to formulate poems in these times as the hours ticked by. It was really cathartic and so lovely to be creative again. Writing helped to reawaken a little bit of myself that had sort of been on hold for a while I guess. I began to look forward to this creative time.

I have a lot to thank writing for. And also to those who have stopped by too – thank you for reading those poems written in the early hours #nationalwritingday #tellyourstory ?

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