Cinderella Friday Nights – Spoken

Cinderella Friday Nights. A poem I wrote.

I remember in the very early days feeling pretty removed from my previous life at times. With a tiny baby you can’t just pop out & join in with big nights out. And of course mainly you wouldn’t want to & it doesnt matter, but sometimes not having the choice takes a bit of getting used to. After a while of course we popped out for an hour or so here & there & although I completely loved it, & was welcomed with open arms & warm hearts, I sort of felt I was half there at times. I’d open my mouth to speak, but then I’d just smile as I felt I’d lost the art of conversation somehow. Time went on & we are now fortunate to able to pick & choose much more. But it also seems to matter so much less as big nights in are as brilliant as big nights out. I love both. And I wouldn’t change a minute of how we got here. Whether you’re out tonight, you’re amazing! Whether you’re in tonight, you’re amazing! We all have a wobble at times, & that’s just fine ???