Celebrating is positive. Celebrating is easy.

So life’s pretty amazing most of the time, but as we’ve seen nationally and globally of late (and on occasion personally) sometimes it’s also a bit of an arsehole.

I saw on instagram earlier that some people had posted some very wide of the mark pointlessly negative comments on the frankly amazing Molly Gunn’s @selfishmother feed.

This really pissed me off. We’ve got enough shit to deal with without attacking one another for completely irrelevant reasons. Being a mother is ridiculously hard. Breastfeeding is hard. Bottlefeeding is hard. Celebrating is positive. Celebrating is easy.

Let’s bloody celebrate all the incredible mothers working their asses off to make it through the day whichever, whatever and however they choose to raise their beautiful children and however they feed.

You’re all amazing! Unless you’re trolling, and then, well just STOP IT ??✌️??

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