Birth Plan

Right, I’m calling it. Today I’m having a solo office party for me, for others, for all WHO HAD A BABY IN A PANDEMIC. Yes whilst most days it’s more yeah it’s all ok, don’t need much help god bless you gov’ner, today ladies if you had your baby IN A PANDEMIC, this one’s for you. Have a luxury wee, DRINK YOUR TEA HOT, you’re allowed to say it loud sometimes. You did a bloody good job. Absolutely not knocking the NHS with this one who have been completely amazing under hugely difficult circumstances, this is just simply for those who had to birth solo, deal with appts alone, look after siblings with a newborn in lockdown, care for a newborn with no paternity for partner. I also want to quietly and respectfully acknowledge and send very deep love to those dealing with a challenging fertility journey or babyloss during this time. Masses of love to all 💜💜💜